Kim & Joe // Winter Chicago Wedding

Kim and Joe's winter wedding was one that I will never forget, and not just because my car was totaled by a deer on the way there. But partly, that's why (and this is why I always budget lots of extra time on my way to a wedding). After my car was totaled by a deer, and some complete strangers who just so happened to be driving to the town where the wedding was at picked myself and my second shooter up off the side of the road, we spent the day feeling like the luckiest people alive.

I always am overwhelmed with emotion at some point on a wedding day, but this time it was right before Kim and Joe's ceremony. Things were running a little late (as they often do on wedding days), and so guests were encouraged to chat with those around them as we waited for some key guests to arrive. I was weaving in and out of the pews at the church, snapping candids of the guests, and at one moment, I stopped. I stood silent in the center of the aisle, as Kim and Joe's guests talked around me, everyone filled with excitement over the wedding. I began to tear up, feeling overwhelmed by the love in the room, feeling grateful that I got to be in that particular church at that particular moment for this particular couple's wedding. What a gift. It is how I feel at every wedding I photograph, but this day that feeling was tangible, heightened by all we had experienced that morning. 

Kim and Joe's wedding day was beyond perfect. From their candlelight ceremony to a reception that felt like one big family dinner, every bit of it was well thought out and focused on celebrating relationship. What an honor to celebrate with people in this way. To photograph the moments that are on replay in people's minds, moments that are so pivotal to another person's story. I'm so happy to let you in on a few images from their day. 

I photographed this wedding as part of the awesome brand For the Love of It

The rest of the vendor crew // Venue: The Haight / Caterer: Baker Miller / Florist: Bride did bouquets, table arrangements by Town & Country Gardens / Wedding Dress: Vintage (Grandmother’s) / Reception Top: Disco Pony / Reception Skirt: Space 46 / Tie: The Tiebar