I love celebration. The act of coming together to ritualize the big and small moments. When I have the time, you'll find me cooking meals to share with friends and family–celebrating holidays, birthdays, Thursdays...you name it. I don't think we necessarily need occasions to celebrate–this life is pretty damn incredible even in the every day.

I see weddings as one big dinner party. One lovely celebration of all of the moments that somehow added up to creating a life together. Think about that for a minute. Your relationship has evolved through both the mundane and the epic, and now you are preparing to declare your commitment to each other with one hell of a party. Congratulations! That is worth a celebration. 

I've chosen this field to be a part of other people's lives, to step in for those big moments (weddings, births, anniversaries, etc) and to capture them in a way that reflects your love in the small moments (the way you look at each other every morning when you wake up, the way he makes you laugh on any given Wednesday afternoon). 

The last couple of years of my life had me moving around the country, and I got acquainted with both coasts before settling back in the place that feels most like home–Northern Michigan. I will always be a Michigan girl at heart, and the most sacred places to me will always be Lake Michigan, the dunes, and the nearby pine and hardwood forests. I love having excuses to travel, but my goodness––is it amazing to have this place to return to. 

Regardless of where you live, I'd love to talk. As you plan for one of the best dinner parties of your life, I would be honored to be welcomed into it, to be invited to document your love and commitment as you gather together with friends and family. To get the conversation started, simply send me an email. I can't wait to celebrate with you. 

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